CRM Frequently Asked Questions


My contact is located at a different location than where the project is being executed. How do I fill out a proposal template?

When creating a new proposal you will be prompted to assign a Client (company). In this field you should select where the person to whom you are writing the proposal is located.

Example Scenario:

  1. I’m writing a proposal for a Diageo project located in Plainfield, IL.
  2. My contact is located in London, UK.

In this case the opportunity is assigned to Plainfield, IL (where the project is being executed)

For the proposal template dropdown menu, I should choose Diageo – Corporate in the client field since my contact is located at the global corporate headquarters in the United Kingdom.

My contact will then appear in the contact dropdown menu.

A proposal is directed to a person, rather than a company so make sure you select where your contact is located when creating a new proposal template.