Welcome to Toronto!




Canada, our friendly neighbors north of the border, have a lot going for them: Maple syrup. World champion hockey. John Wick.

And now, a new DG office!

We've operated in Canada for years, but our new Toronto office is our first physical presence. The office sits almost directly across from the Toronto International Airport, which makes for an easy commute if you get a chance to visit!


You might notice an unusual decorative theme in the photos below, thanks to the previous tenants (Soda Stream), but we’re already in the process of DG-ifying the space.

This new office is slated to grow into another full-service DG office, like Springfield or Salt Lake City, so there's already been a flurry of recruitment and hiring.

Why Toronto, eh?

For one, access to a technical workforce. The greater Toronto area contains 15% of Canada’s total population and many top universities, which gives our recruitment efforts a boost. Additionally, several large companies are headquartered in Toronto: Maple Leaf Foods, Molson Coors, Kraft Heinz Canada, Unilever Canada, and George Weston Limited among them. And over the years, we’ve worked on Canadian projects for US clients like Mondelez, Simplot, Kellogg’s, and Basic American Foods. We’re more competitive with this newfound ability to locally staff Canadian projects.

Welcome to the Great White North, DG!